"Thank you for being so helpful, and flexible. This feels like a really good fit and the best thing that’s happened to our email hosting, since, ever." - EK 'Knute' Judsen "Hands down the best service in the business!" - John Lloyd "The program has been excellent -- screening out potentially problematic emails including those with malware viruses or even just annoying spam emails." - Brian Craig

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Raptor Email Security

Blocking malware and spam yourself requires costly software and hardware as well as dedicated IT staff. Let us handle the headache instead!

Raptor Email Security provides defense against all malware threats (viruses, trojans, worms, browser hijackers, key trackers, backdoors, adware, spyware, spam, etc.) before it reaches your mail server and inbox. The algorithms help eliminate SPAM through robust content scoring techniques, and aid in discerning & accepting HAM over SPAM.

Raptor Email Security also provides backup mail services in case your server is unavailable, overwhelmed, or cut-off from the internet. In the event of an extended outage, we can re-route your mail to a new server, a temporary server, or even provide worst-case solutions such as a web-based e-mail interface.

Raptor Email Security extends the edge of your e-mail network to reject invalid e-mails before the e-mail is accepted to stop dictionary attacks in their tracks!

Raptor Email Security is a best of breed product for business at quarantining SPAM without losing legitimate e-mail to false-positive flagging/deletion.

Need more? Crazy solutions are our specialty! We provide solutions and work outside of the box for many of our Raptor customers! We can provide seamless, interchangeable use of as many domains that use the same e-mail address name; thus, username@domain1.com redirected to username@domain2.com is easy, and included at no additional cost!

Not satisfied? Contact us at anytime to shutdown your Raptor services. We will quickly and professionally turn off your service, as well as refund you to the day.

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How Much Does It Cost

Raptor Email Security is only available for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and includes Raptor Continuity, Domain Mirroring, & Raptor Email Outbound including DKIM.

Managed Service Provider pricing is based on the number of e-mail addresses (excluding administrative addresses).

Pricing begins at $3.00 per user per month. MSP Partner, please contact PCCC Sales to discuss volume discounts.

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Malware Remediation & E-mail Deliverability Services

Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation also offers the following services if your network is impacted by spam and malware.

Malware Removal

PCCC specializes in isolating viruses on a corporate network to quickly and efficiently restore your network to full operational status. We can provide comprehensive backup, remediation and prevention services to fix the problem and keep it fixed.

Blacklist Removal

Is your domain or IP address blacklisted? Are you having problems with RBLs. We can assist you in identifying the cause of the problem and get your mail flowing again.

Spam Issues

In addition to being a nuisance to your inbox, spam can cause issues like bringing down a server. In these scenarios, where workflow is getting delayed because of missing e-mails, PCCC can act quickly and efficiently at blocking the spammers and bringing your mail server back to functioning correctly, all the while providing alternate routes for your e-mail so you can keep working.

E-mail Deliverability

E-mail deliverability is PCCC's term for the proactive work needed to keep e-mail flowing. Our e-mail experts can advise you with system configuration, outbound e-mail services, keyword analysis, newsletter methodology to proactively improve your e-mail deliverability.

And if you are having troubles sending e-mail to legitimate, opt-in mailing lists or you used questionable marketing tactics previously, PCCC can help get you back on track.

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Raptor Continuity

Peregrine Computer Consultants has developed a system to ensure your company will always have access to e-mail. With Raptor FAST E-mail Continuity, waiting for a mail server to come back online is a thing of the past!

How E-mail Continuity Works

When this feature is enabled, every time an e-mail comes through our raptor servers on its way to your mail server, Peregrine keeps a copy for a short period of time. In the eventuality of your dedicated mail server going down for any reason (crash, maintenance, etc.) your employees will still have be able to send and receive e-mail. To access the e-mail on our servers, all you have to do is go to the mail portal at raptor.pccc.com/raptormail, log in, and you are ready to work again!

To make things easier, there is an option to have the passwords on your Active Directory server securely synced with our servers so there is no need to remember multiple passwords when accessing the continuity e-mail.

Currently this feature is available only for Microsoft Exchange servers and is not available in the EU.

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Anti-Spam Community

PCCC proudly supports a variety of projects in the Anti-Spam Community including:

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Choose Raptor Email Security

Raptor Email Security is brought to you by Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation. PCCC uses an extraordinary technical approach built from decades of experience battling spammers, hackers, and phishers to deliver a highly effective solution to keep inboxes free of spam and malware. All at an incredibly competitive price.

PCCC wants users to CONTACT US with problems.

Spam getting through? Missing an e-mail? Need us to tweak a setting? Want us to review an e-mail for a potential phish? PCCC support is just a quick e-mail or phone call away.


PCCC’s staff review every reported problem to constantly improve our systems from this feedback. This feedback loop is an extremely important part of why our solution is so incredible.

We PROACTIVELY OPEN TICKETS and resolve them for you.

When we discover issues, we contact other mail & internet service providers to fix them!

We UPDATE YOU on your tickets.

Our staff will provide insight & status updates on each reported problem. We don’t keep you in the dark!

We have GREAT STAFF to help you.

PCCC’s merry band of misfits enjoy fixing your problems to make your life easier.

We CARE about our work and our customers.

PCCC has been an active volunteer in the anti-spam community for decades. We hate spammers, hackers & phishers. It’s our job to protect you so you can get on with running your business.

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