1. PCCC Drive Rotation Backup Whitepaper

  2. Agrep: How-To Build a Better WebRing

  3. Apache / Mod_Perl / Mod_SSL / PHP / DBI / mySQL How-To Install Procedure and Files

  4. Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server How-To Install Procedure and Files

  5. GD: Creating Better Thumbnails than ImageMagick using GD and the Perl GD Interface How-To

  6. LDAP / Sendmail Integration for Mail Gateway How-To

  7. Mailman: How-To Install GNU MailMan to run & administer a mailing list

  8. MIMEDefang Install Procedure and Files: Includes McAfee UVScan & GraphDefang

  9. Miscellaneous Perl Modules & Programs
    KAMXbase v1.2.1 Minor Release -- 10-15-01
    ActiveState ActivePerl v5.6.1.633 for Windows
    WinZip v8.1 21-day Evaluation Version for Windows
    WhyReEnCode-KAM MP3s (WRECK MP3s) -- 06-22-03

  10. LunpaCMS, formerly PerlCMS, an Open Source Content Management System in Perl Designed for ISPs & Web Developers with multiple sites

  11. Phatnoise Phatbox Installation How-To for a BMW 3 Series E46 2001 330Ci Convertible with Navigation Unit and no factory or OEM CD Changer

  12. Sendmail How-To Install Procedure and Files: Includes PopRelayd-KAM POP before SMTP Solution

  13. SpamAssassin Install Procedure and Files: Includes SpamAssassin Milter, PHP-SA-KAM & More

  14. Subversion Install Procedure and Files

  15. SquirrelMail Install Procedure and Files

  16. Stunnel for Sendmail Install Procedure and Files