Generic IMAP/POP Setup Information for PCCC's E-mail Servers

When setting up your mail client to access PCCC's servers, there is no perfect answer for every mail client. Because of this, PCCC's servers are extremely flexible and support a vast array of options.

This information is suitable for configuring virtually any mail client for the IMAP or POP protocol using PCCC's e-mail servers.

Incoming IMAP server:

  • Recommended Setting: Use SSL on port 993
  • You can also use non-SSL on port 143
Incoming POP server:
  • Recommended Setting: Use SSL on port 995
  • You can also use non-SSL on port 110
Outgoing server:
  • Recommended Setting: Use TLS on port 2025 with smtp auth enabled using the same username and password for incoming
  • You can use SSL on port 465, TLS on ports 25, 587 and 2025 or non-SSL on ports 25 and 2025


We recommend you use SSL or TLS. This encrypts your e-mail when it is being sent between your machine and our server.

Port 465 is ONLY available once you have authenticated to the IMAP or POP servers.

Port 25 is routinely blocked by many Internet Service Providers. Try port 2025 if you are unable to send emails!

You can also use SMTP AUTH on any of the outgoing server ports. However, if it is not used, it defaults to a check before sending authentication. We only recommend using it on SSL or TLS connections.

If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ask!

P.S. The best way to test your credentials is to visit Logging in there will confirm you don't have a username/password issue!