Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC)


LunpaCMS, Whipping your website into shape!

LunpaCMS is an open source content management system published and supported by PCCC.

LunpaCMS allows for highly individualized and customizable websites to users with varying levels of experience. It has easy to use features for novices, as well as allowing experienced programmers to add custom code.

LunpaCMS has many great features, including:

  • One of the largest benefits to LunpaCMS is that it has seamless, behind-the-scenes updates that are pushed out by the developers.
  • It requires only one installation per server, and then can share its codebase with all of the sites on that server.
  • Multitudes of built in functionality for managing users, news, pages, and much more!
LunpaCMS is constantly up to date with the latest features, as well as always keeping the code as secure as possible, all without the user having to constantly download and install new upgrades.

For more information and to explore the many features of LunpaCMS, go to