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notethat! is PCCC's freeform, web-based application for tracking and noting phone calls, tasks, addresses, customer notes, and more. It's core ideology is based on the quick entry and display of freeform notes that are trackable, searchable and formatable. It is ideal for small companies as a message center but it's also wonderful as a personal note system, address book and to-do list. notethat! is a web-based product so access to it is as simple as a web browser and an internet connection.

And because we host it, there are no extra software license fees, no security patches to install, and no upgrades to buy. But better still, it's available FREE to any person hosting a website with Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation!

If you would like to try it out, please visit our Sample notethat! at and login as "admin" with a password of "password".

[ Exhibit: An Example <i>note</i>that Screen ]
Exhibit: An Example notethat! Screen

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