Non-Profit Organization Rates

Consulting Support Rates for Non-Profits

Hourly Support

Avaliable 9AM - 6PM Monday through Saturday (Non-Holiday)

Materials not included

Emergency, Holiday and After-hours rates are available on a case-by-case basis!

Maintaining good Karma by offering reduced, at-cost, bill rates to non-profit organizations helps them help the community as a whole. We support/host many churches, religious, open-source, not-for-profit and non-profit organizations all on a not-for-profit basis. If you fall into any of these categories, financial aid is available by request.

Billing Rates

  • Technician -- $80/hour - Documentation, Standard Software Installs, Website Programming, etc.
  • Senior Technician -- $85/hour - Debugging, Non-Standard Installs, Level 2 Support
  • Lead Technician -- $95/hour - Complete Project Management from Start to Finish
  • Network Engineer -- $110/hour - Standard Networking and Server Administration
  • Senior Network Engineer -- $175/hour - Security, Networking and Server Administration

Please note, travel time will be billed at the same rates above unless the technician performs a minimum of 5 hours of work. If a technician works less than 5 hours, fair travel time will be billed up to a total of 5 hours per technician per day. However, PCCC strives to be as fair as possible in this portion of the bill and we do not bill for unusually long travel due to accidents, unexpected weather, distances farther than our office to yours, etc. and we will schedule non-critical jobs so that travel time is minimized. If a technician works more than 5 hours, all travel time will be waived.