Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC)

Office Relocation & Move Coordination

Office Relocation & Move Coordination Services

  • Complete Computer Desktop & Server Moves
  • Comprehensive and Seamless Email & High-Speed Internet Transitions
  • Minimized Downtime!
If you are planning to move or open a new office, don't forget the complicated and oftentimes overwhelming amount of building, telephone, and Information Technology (IT) logistics involved. Let Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC) help!

We have been helping businesses open new offices and relocate existing offices since 1998. And beyond simply fulfilling all of your IT-related needs, PCCC understands how to help you navigate the cumbersome building/fire/electric code requirements that are commonly overlooked or outright ignored by less experienced companies. Indeed, we have successfully worked with inspectors & reviewers in many jurisdictions, including Washington, D.C., Fairfax City & County, Rockville City and Montgomery County.

PCCC handles all types of moves and office openings with extensive experience in newly constructed facilities, existing "as-is" buildings, and even complete demolition! It doesn't matter if you only need to make minor office modifications, are planning a complete interior gutting or are building a new office from scratch.

We can help with lease/purchase review & negotiation, facility and IT build-out requirements, survey heating venting and air conditioning (HVAC) needs, server room design, printer/copier room layouts and much more. In short, we can provide complete layout, wiring, mechanical and electrical drawing input and review for all aspects of your office!

And we can help in assessing your high voltage power requirements along with the more standard augmentation, repair, expansion planning & implementation of low voltage wiring for telephone and data network architectures.

Need to assess your office's high-speed internet connection? Don't invest a tremendous amount of time and resources in moving only to find out that your staff can't connect to the internet or e-mail doesn't work!

PCCC also offers reliable and end-to-end solutions for e-mail, backup MX, DNS, reverse DNS, and IP address transitions. If you don't understand what all of these acronyms mean, imagine relocating your entire office only to discover that it will take days or even weeks for your e-mail to start working again!

Don't forget about moving and/or upgrading your office's telephone systems. We work with vendors of all brands of telephone systems and have years of experience coordinating POTS/T1/MPLS/T3/Fiber/Ethernet/Cable solutions with Cox, Verizon, Qwest, PCCW, Allegiance/XO and more!

Of course, we can also handle the physical move & reconnection of your desktops/laptops, fax machines, printers, servers, firewalls, networking devices and telephone systems. And we can simultaneously coordinate minor or major system upgrades and maintenance for these devices to take advantage of any downtime during your move.

Hire us to ensure that your move is seamless! We provide end-to-end survey, management and coordination of all of your needs. We are dedicated to minimizing your downtime to get you back up & running quickly with a minimal amount of stress.

But we do have one request. Please bring us into the loop as soon as possible before your planned move. Many of the items for a move can take several weeks or even months to coordinate! Of course, we coordinate moves for customers who come to us at the last minute, but the most cost-effective moves are always handled with considerable long-range planning.

Whatever your needs, you simply will not find a better company to coordinate a move than Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation!

Network Wiring

Typical Specifications for Voice/Data/Analog Wiring

As of November 1, 2006, PCCC no longer recommends or uses Category 3 cable or jacks because of the growth of technologies such as Voice over IP (VOIP) and IP Telephony. In short, what are now "Voice" lines are much more likely to be repurposed as "Data" lines to support newer technologies and using only Cat 5e jacks, equipment and cabling provides the best platform for our customers to quickly and easily upgrade in the future.
  • All work will be done by Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation. Customer shall be responsible for all permit drawings, permit acquisitions, and all related fees, if applicable.

  • Provide High Quality, 4-pair, Category 5e Cable or better.

  • Provide Category 5e Rated (or better) Equipment for all work including patch panels, patch cables, tools and jacks.

  • Terminate all 4 pairs to a single connection to prevent crossover and allow for future expansion to 1000BaseT Copper & VOIP.

  • Provide and utilize only plenum-rated cable and UL-listed cable.

  • Test all cables and terminations for connectivity on all 4 pairs and will confirm transport with machine install.

  • Provide a 1-year warranty on all wiring, labor and parts from the time of acceptance by the Company or Company's Representative. A reasonable service fee of $19.00 may be charged for onsite visits, if required, more than 30 days after completion of the work.

Typical Costs for Data/Analog Wiring

Site survey, includes travel fee$50Initial site survey only.
Travel both ways up to 50 miles total covered by this fee; additional travel fees apply for site surveys beyond 50 mile mark.
Per Single Voice/Data/Analog Drop$170 for Cat5e
- OR -
$185 for Cat6
This pricing only applies to a 5 Drop Minimum job.
Price per Double Voice/Data/Analog Drop$210 for Cat5e
- OR -
$235 for Cat6
This pricing only applies to a 5 Drop Minimum job.
Travel Fee (both ways up to 50 miles total)$50Travel fee billed in 50 mile blocks.
Technician$75 / hourFor work outside the scope of a Single or Double Network Drop itemized above.
Or for work on jobs under the 5 Drop Minimum requirement.


  • Drops include all materials, tools, cables and patch cables (as required up to 10') but specifically exclude extra materials such as floor mounts, custom furniture mounts, patch panels and racks.

  • Due to the travel and setup required, all prices above require a minimum of 5 drops. Smaller jobs will be billed on a Time and Materials basis.