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 Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation

 Website Programming, Design, and Maintenance

At Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC), not only can we program, we dream in code. We are fully versed in co-developing the specifications for non-COTS products and website design, layout, programming and long-term maintenance and administration.

Our favorite quote is "Programming is a state of mind, not a language" and we have vast experience in nearly every major programming language from Ada to C to FoxPro to Perl to Visual Basic. Our preferred language is Perl on Linux based servers.

PCCC has spent years continuously improving upon our website content management system (LunpaCMS) which is designed to handle the public face of the website, as well as many administrivia items such as member management with or without member mailing lists, the ability to handle PayPal (or PayPal Here) transactions, news & newsletter managers, registration management to handle ticket sales for your events, and much more.

The LunpaCMS framework has helped the web-presence for a significant amount of non-profits, churches, small businesses, up to publicly traded fortune 10 companies.

“We dream in code”... but we translate those dreams into reality.

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