Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC)

Firewall, Anti-SPAM & Anti-Viral Filtering Internet Server

Benefits of our Internet Server, General Firewall & Anti-SPAM/Anti-Viral Mail Filter Solution

Due to the costs of software licensing, our approach to stopping Spammers, Viruses and Hackers primarily uses open source software coupled with our expertise and our company resources to provide an overall solution rather than a product. Why pay a company thousands of dollars and then pay for experts when you can just pay the experts?

As part of this solution, PCCC treats your company's email, Internet and web services very seriously. We realize that our customers have and continue to rely more and more on the Internet and not only is this solution the same as our internal system but it uses a robust, field-tested approach that has been keeping hackers out and legitimate email in for several years.

We provide DNS and backup MX services -

Because we are a small company, we control our entire name services and our servers are on a 1Gbit backbone w/ BTN Access/PCCW. We can make virtually instantaneous changes to DNS and our DNS services rival those of any DNS server on the planet. In fact, we handle DNS for quite a few customers who won't trust it to larger corporations.

If your T1 goes down, your exchange box crashes or even something as simple as you are changing ISPs, we can re-route mail with NO DNS delays because we control the in-between hop should anything happen. Without this, you can be looking at 24 to 48-hour delays until mail starts flowing. For longer-term outages, we can provide temporary solutions such as webmail to read all incoming mail while your mail server is repaired.

At the same time, our backup MX services utilize LDAP and SMTP to "extend the edge" of your network to our servers. This stops spammers trying to flood your backup MX in their tracks.

We support heavily and work strenuously to combat new SPAM techniques on a constant basis.

Our fees include the license for McAfee's Virus Scanning technology.

We believe that one legitimate email lost is far worse than hundreds of illegitimate emails getting through. Because of this, we don't take an extremely aggressive anti-spam stance. For example, our system doesn't delete spam but rather simply tags it for easy identification and client manipulation. This allows us to focus on preventing false positives and not on false negatives and still provide for a worst-case scenario.

Our solution doesn't require administration -

We administer the solution for a flat-rate of $500/month for up to 5 hours of senior technical support. You don't have to learn Linux or SpamAssassin or Sendmail or BIND or anything. And our solution is extremely flexible. If Spammers and Hackers develop new techniques, we are right there configuring your server to battle those changes as well. Or if you have new requirements, our solution is more than adaptable to suit virtually any Internet related need.

If you need tweaking to the Spam engine done, it takes little more than a telephone call or an email to get the ball rolling. And because we focus on algorithms and not lists, there is not the constant tweaking found with other products. And because our system uses hundreds, if not thousands, of algorithms in concert, we are able to achieve blocking well over 98% of the Spam with False Positives in the 0.01% range.

We can assist you in e-mail compliance -
We are well-versed in maintaining internal retention policies, e-mail mirroring, off-site backups, SEC Audits, Raymond James Archives and much more. We don't just sell products, we sell solutions and we've handled a lot of curve-balls for many clients since 1983!


Our solution is $2,000 for the initial setup and requires a customer supplied system or we can order one on your behalf. Thereafter, it is $500 per month, billed annually with the initial administration bill credited for 2 months as part of the initial setup.

In summary, the first year will cost a total of $8,000 over two bills. The first bill is $2,000 due prior to installation and the second is for $6,000 due 60 days later. However, there is no obligation to continue with the service at any time and all credits are pro-rated to the day of cancellation. If you would prefer, we can also automatically bill your credit card monthly for the administration bills.

General Internet Server / Firewall / Anti-Spam/Anti-Viral Mail Filter Specifications

  • Customer Provided Equipment: Dell T110 Xeon class CPU server or better. PCCC will pre-approve hardware at no charge.
    PCCC can also work with you to specify and procure a computer on your behalf.

    From there, we customize a server to your requirements. For example:

  • Install CentOS/RedHat Linux.

  • Install a PCCC customized Linux Kernel.

  • Install all appropriate CentOS/RedHat Linux Patches.

  • Configure server with Network Address Translation and Port Forwarding.

  • Install custom-compiled OpenSSH.

  • Configure NTP to update time from our time server.

  • Install custom compiled Sendmail with Poprelayd-KAM for Anti-Relay Support.

  • Install custom compiled Apache w/PHP, mod_SSL, mod_perl, MySQL and various modules.

    Remote MX Configuration

    • Install SpamAssassin, McAfee uvscan & MIMEDefang Milter to Filter Mail for Viruses and SPAM for Remote MX.

    • Configure LDAP support to allow for instant rejections of emails addressed to invalid users.

    • Configure MIMEDefang to scan for viruses, trojans, worms and general exploits (Optional).

    Local MX Configuration

    • Install MIMEDefang, McAfee uvscan & SpamAssassin with SpamD/SpamC to Filter Mail Viruses and SPAM for Local MX.

    • Install SquirrelMail for Web Based Mail Access.

    • Install Stunnel for SSL Tunnelled IMAP & POP3 access in addition to STARTTLS support with Sendmail.

    • Install PHP-SA-KAM for Remote SpamAssassin Tweaking by End-users.

  • Configure a private network masqueraded to the Internet.

  • Configure DHCPD to provide private addresses for Masquerading.

  • Create DNS records and provide liaison registrations services for 1 domain and provide high-end primary & backup DNS.

  • Provide backup MX services with oncall support for redirection and delivery during emergency outages.

  • Tighten BIND install to allow local access only.

  • Remove all unnecessary programs from Run Level 3 (Startup).

  • Remove all protocols from Xinetd unless absolutely required.

  • Setup Cron job for daily security status emails.

  • Provide standard monthly updates and configuration for 2 months after delivery.