Support Contracts

Support Contract Overview

Our company's idea of a support contract is very simple. During the course of a month, on a schedule that is mutually decided, a lead technician will be working to handle as many of your computer and office needs as possible, in the number of hours requested, during a set number of days. Most of the time, the technician will be onsite but in cases where work can be performed at our office faster, they'll be offsite. For example, work such as Internet software installs, hardware upgrades, documentation, and research is generally much faster to complete at our office due to the computer resources that we have available.

We think that it's important to point out that this goes against industry standards in that it is billed as a retainer. This contract will provide your office with a qualified and experienced technician that is completely at your disposal during the scheduled time periods. We don't charge you money as "insurance" against downtime and crises. Instead, we are working for you every minute to avoid a crisis and create a user-friendly and maintainable office network at the same time.

In conclusion, based on your number of workstations, we can recommend a monthly support contract and schedule that will meet your needs. Billing is done in advance for each month. Yearly contracts are also billed in advance but will reflect a 10% discount.

Support Contract Pricing

Contractual Support

Lead Technician or Programming Level

Available 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday (Non-Holiday)

Materials not included

Emergency, Holiday and After-hours rates are available on a case-by-case basis!

Billing Rates

  • 20 Hours per Month - $2,900.00 - Up to 2 different days/week
  • 40 Hours per Month - $5,700.00 - Up to 2 different days/week
  • 60 Hours per Month - $8,200.00 - Up to 3 different days/week
  • 80 Hours per Month - $10,000.00 - Up to 4 different days/week