Why does Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation support and promote the IMAP protocol?

IMAP is a wonderful protocol with a few crucial benefits over POP3. First and foremost, the email is stored on the mail server and not on the workstation. Since our servers are typically backed up more often than your workstation, this helps protect your critical emails from being lost and allows for very easy migrations if you buy a new computer or need to borrow someone else's computer.

Second, IMAP inherently supports the ability to check your mail from multiple computers and still know which ones have been read, replied to or deleted. You can check your email client at work, use webmail at the library and use your email client at home and hardly miss a beat.

However, IMAP does have some problems. First, some programs aren't 100% IMAP compliant and can print strange and annoying yet totally ignorable error messages. All of Microsoft's email clients fall into this category. Second, searching and accessing emails can be slower due to the remote storage of the actual emails.

Don't let these problems fool you though! IMAP is the solution we recommend and if you have ever bought a new desktop, had a laptop stolen or wanted to use more than one computer to check email, it can save you hours and hours of grief. Use it for at least a week and set it up on two computers and use webmail and you'll agree!